I grew up in a desert, mountain biked in my back garden (a wine farm), Project Managed a luxury property development in Mozambique and now live on the edge of the Devonshire Moors.

After completing a Degree in Fine Arts – Applied Graphics at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa I honed my skills at various agencies including Orange Juice, Disturbance, FCB Durban and Espresso DBN.

I also have experience in Point-of-Sale elements and 3D design.

And. I just love bikes and good design.

Design Philosophy

A couple phrases have stuck with me through my design career. Keep it simple stupid and a picture says a thousand words. While I gravitate towards a cleaner and more modern looks I tend to approach design from the clients needs then fit a design style to communicate the brand message.


Work with like minded people in advertising, web and video to expand creative abilities across all platforms. Refine my writing and headlining capabilities so I can become a well versed creative leader, communicator and visionary.